Child Find
  • Warren County Public Schools works with a variety of community agencies and stakeholders to identify, evaluate, and serve students with disabilities ages 2-21 inclusive through the division’s Child Find process. The Special Education Department welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with individual teams to enact required Child Find responsibilities.          

Preschool  (Ages 2-5)

 WCPS Special Services

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2024-2025 Preschool Preliminary Application - online version: 

2024-2025 Preschool Preliminary Application - printable version: 

Early Intervention Developmental Screenings


Some preschoolers have difficulty developing certain skills.  Warren County Public Schools' Preschool Child Find offers free development screenings for children ages 2 (by September 30th) and 5 to assist in identifying the need for special education services.  The screenings are conducted by an early childhood special education teacher and a speech/language pathologist.  The screenings assess general development in the following areas:

Motor:  includes gross and fine motor skills, the ability to move the body

Adaptive:  self care skills such as feeding and dressing

Personal-Social:  the ability to relate to children and adults

Cognitive: the ability to learn and use new ideas

Communication:  includes understanding others and expressing one's thoughts


If you have concerns about your preschool aged child, please contact our child find office to schedule an appointment.    

Child Find Office/Special Services

465 W. 15th St.
Front Royal, VA 2230
Fax:  540-635-3001


The screenings are provided at no cost to parents of Warren County.  The screening may indicate the need for a referral for special education evaluation in accordance with regulations and administrative requirements for the operation of special education programs in Virginia.

 Questions or comments can be directed to the Special Services Office (540) 635-2725 or email: or